After having organized the “’Dani arhitekture” (Days of Architecture) Festival for 10 year, the aspiring community of young architects from BiH that stands behind this remarkable event has published a book, “3650 Days of Contemporary Architecture in Sarajevo”. The book reconstructs the evolution of the content and format of the Days of Architecture during the first ten years of the Festival. The idea of the Festival itself started as a student project, but has over the past decade become one of the most significant events in contemporary architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, hosting some of the world’s greatest names on the contemporary architectural scene, thus creating a recognizable spot on the map of cultural events in the region.

One of the world’s most respected critics of contemporary architecture, Hans Ibelings said that the actual number of days that the Days of Architecture Festival lasts was a fraction of the 3650 days, as given in the title, but the intention was to let every day be a Day of Architecture, and to give the culture of architecture a ubiquitous presence.

The book was awarded the Collegium Artisticum 2019 Special Prize for affirmation of architecture. We are very proud to have supported such an outstanding project and pleased to say that we have been part of Days of Architecture for the past few years.

Wishing them many more future achievements, we congratulate the team of DA on this award!