On 15th November 2018 in Sarajevo, BIM Alliance, of which Walter is a member, in partnership with the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Sarajevo, and with the support of AluKönigStahl Sarajevo, hosted the BIM Forum Sarajevo 2018, as the first of this kind ever held in BiH. It took place at the premises of the Stari Grad Municipality in Sarajevo, with more than 220 attendees who had the chance to listen to 15 speakers, who shared their BIM experiences from different perspectives and introduced the latest BIM innovations.

The BIM Forum gathered experts in BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology not only from BiH, but also from SEE (Southeastern Europe). BIM is far more than just a tool used in the construction industry – it is a process that covers the basics of what were identified as problems in the management and implementation of construction projects, which is why the construction industry appeared to be the least digitized branch of economy.

What BIM, and later the BIM model, offers us is the development and realization of projects at higher collaboration levels, a better information flow, more flexible model and clash detection in early stages of the project, all of which results in better communication between the investor and the project execution team, and, consequently, in higher cost efficiency in terms of fewer financial risks and greater investment profitability. As BIM is not recognized in BiH on a higher scale, events such as this are an excellent opportunity to promote educational, legislative and practical aspects of BIM implementation in construction industry.

With regards to this, there were several important sections on the BIM Forum agenda, with BIM in Education being the first aspect of the Forum, closely elaborated by academics from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Sarajevo and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia. Furthermore, BIM in Construction, BIM in Industry and BIM Application connected presentations of many other speakers who shared BIM insights and experiences of the companies they presented, such as foreign companies: CGS Labs from Ljubljana, Slovenia; Bexel Consulting from Belgrade, Serbia; Strabag AG from Vienna, Austria, and local companies such as; ‘normal arhitektura’, Gazzda, Alfa Term, AluKönigStahl, GDi and also Walter. Additionally, Global GPS presented its ideas and plans on the path of digitization in the construction industry in BiH with respect to governmental organizations.

The aim of this Forum was to incorporate experts from the same and related fields in a discussion on the development of future BIM solutions in the process of digitization of the construction industry. BIM Summit 2019 is planned as a far larger event than its predecessor.