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Sunnerbo äldreboende

The whole building was laser-scanned, including both building storeys, ground floor and basement, as...

For Symetri

Kommun-och Nämndhuset

The large municipality administration building was laser-scanned in 2015 in order to create an accur...

For Symetri

BIM and Video Mapping of Sarajevo City Hall

In 2017 we were working on a 3D model of the City Hall - the largest and most representative buildin...

Psychiatric Clinic Building, Halland Hospital

The building of the Psychiatric Clinic in Halmstad, Sweden, part of Halland Hospital, was laser-sca...

For Symetri

BIM and Video Mapping of National Museum

This project aimed to perform a conversion of historical buildings into BIM models, such as are poss...

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