As a group of passionate people driven by the idea of constructive contribution to the society respectively our own community, our projects often include collaboration with organizations that are part of cultural and scientific circle, namely projects done for National Museum of BiH, Sarajevo City Hall and engagement in projects of Faculty of Architecture.

Our latest case follows the reconstruction of the astronomical observatory on Trebević Mountain above Sarajevo which was initiated by the Orion Astronomical Society. Walter team offered BIM created solution and drafted the reconstruction platform whose implementation is expected in foreseeable future.

The observatory building consisted of fortress with two domes and one separated building so called “Nova kula” (meaning ‘new tower’). The fortress itself dates back to Austro-Hungarian period and throughout the history it served many purposes from being military spot in World War II to astronomical observatory function from 1969. This observatory was the first of its kind in the BiH at the time country was part of SFR Yugoslavia. Both buildings were severely damaged during the last war (1992-1995) although fortress suffered worse destruction. With regards to that, key object of planned reconstruction is “Nova kula”.

On September 26th, 2018 in Sloga, Sarajevo, along with Walter team and other associates Orion Astronomical Society celebrated its 55th anniversary where beginning of project was announced and idea of reconstruction presented.

We are very pleased to work on such a representative project that not only promotes importance of science and research, but also offers an opportunity for broad spectrum of people to involve in realization of the project. As the reconstruction process moves further, we will keep you up to date.

Only the sky is above us, why wouldn’t we get closer?