Ever since Walter was established, we strive to emphasize the importance of partnership and collaboration between like-minded individuals and groups within the same area of business – in our case, BIM-based solutions in the construction and real estate industry. Moreover, initiatives like this are crucial in a small country like Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the popularity of BIM methodology has not reached its peak. On that path, we have teamed up with other fellow companies in an association called BIM Alliance.

BIM Alliance was founded in September 2016 by eleven companies (doxat, Electra, HMD Architects, Ismir Korjenic Consulting and Project Management, Studio NONSTOP, normal arhitektura, OSNAP, PolyPlan BH, T&E, UNISAR, and Walter), which work in different sectors within the construction, facility management, and utility industries. The aim is to provide professional, educational, construction, manufacturing and any other supply chain members with a unified overview of and guidance devoted to BIM.

BIM Alliance was established to serve its members who share common goals in utilizing the educational, collaborative and business aspect of the alliance. The Board assembles the best experience in architecture, engineering, construction, building and facility management, construction law, education, business, and BIM technology. All members coordinate to strengthen not only their mutual relations, but also maintain close ties with international partners.

Through organization and participation in BIM related events, such as symposia, conferences, panels, and round-table discussions, the Alliance aims to promote the advancement of BIM in BiH and the Balkans, and make it an industry standard. Within the Alliance, the BIM Club functions as a subnetwork of members who exchange knowledge and experiences, share business ideas, and support each other in their projects. Each member of the BIM Club benefits from professional training and workshops, fresh ideas and new approaches, mentorship, exclusive events and business contacts, a club library, and many other opportunities.

The BIM Alliance is an open association that strives to serve as the business/pragmatic voice for the entire construction industry implementing BIM (Building Information Modeling) methods and practices, and anyone (individual or company) willing to partner up on a mutual path of sharing, teaching, learning, helping and brainstorming is more than welcome to join.

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